Exploring your true colors

Here's how we know what colors are gonna make you pop.

  • Skin Tone 🍑

    Is your skin tone cool, or warm? this is a major factor in determining which color shades are going to work for you. This is the first basis on which we begin to establish your most flattering colors.

  • Eye Color 🌟

    Though your eye color may appear to be a small consideration, wearing colors that compliment your unique pigment adds a heightened level of illumination to your appearance.

  • Hair Color 🎨

    The color of your hair plays an important role regarding your color contrasts — do you have dark hair and a light skin tone? High or low contrasts provide further data in determining your colors.

Your colors, your clothes.

Once we establish your complimentary colors, you'll be able to explore our range of ColorTrue® Scandinavian essentials. Sustainably produced & ethically sourced. Made in Italy.